Don't Let The Fear Of Towing Fees Stop You From Getting Rid Of Your Junk Car

One of the primary reasons that many people put off getting rid of their old junk cars is that these vehicles no longer run. This means in order to have the vehicle removed from the property, the vehicle will need to be towed. In many cases, individuals do not have the extra cash laying around to spend on towing services or simply do not want to spend what extra cash they do have to complete this particular task. If you have found yourself in this same position, you should know that not only is it possible to have your junk car removed without spending any extra cash, but you could actually walk away with some additional cash in your pocket. While your old vehicle may be nothing more than a hunk of junk to you, this vehicle still has value.

Knowing What Your Junk Car Is Worth

Right now, your interest is probably peaked, and you are wondering exactly how much your junk car could actually be worth. Well, answering this question can be easy as picking up the phone because many auto wrecking or salvage yards will actually provide you with an offer to purchase your junk car right over the phone.

In order to get a cash offer on your junk vehicle, you will need to provide just some very basic information to the salvage yard. For example, in addition to asking for the make and model of your vehicle, most salvage yards will inquire about whether or not any parts have been removed from the vehicle and if there were any aftermarket parts added to the vehicle. Answering the necessary questions and receiving your cash offer usually takes no longer than just a few minutes.

Having Your Junk Vehicle Removed Once And For All

After agreeing to the cash offer for your vehicle, you can expect the salvage yard to schedule a time with you for a tow truck to be sent to your location. While the exact time frame required to complete this step can vary from one salvage yard to the next, it is quite common for auto wrecking yards to dispatch a tow truck to your location on the same day that you receive your cash offer. When the tow truck arrives, you can expect the driver to have all of the necessary paperwork and your cash payment in hand. At this point it will only take a few minutes to complete the transaction and for you to be rid of that old junk car once and for all. 

For more information, contact a junk car removal service in your area, such as Cash For Cars.

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